Newport Kite Festival

July 11th – 12th, 2015

Southern Rhode Island is known worldwide for its sailing and “flying” history. The Newport Kite Festival is held on the Southern tip of Newport, at Brenton Point State Park” the park opened up to the public in 1976 and offers a spectacular view of the Atlantic ot the South of Narragansett Bay all the way down to the west. Almost entirely surrounded by water, “the point” specifically known by the locals has grown to be a destination area to fly kites.

In 1986 the American Kite Fliers Association held their first annual convention on the same field with the help of local kite fliers. 1992-2005 “High Flyers Flight Co” Sue Moskowitz and Steve Santos, organized a tradition presenting various phases of kite flying to the broad public, thus featured kite competition of all forms

2007 came “Jamestown Kites” Kyle Lemieux organized a magnificent gathering and 2008 it was again a non event, most of the general public was not aware it was not an official event with so many kites filling the sky with colorful fabric of all shapes and sizes.

In 2009 Kitt Kites, Ron Kitt took over the responsibility to again put on a show of all phases of kites and kite flyers at “The Point”, for the public. This event was free of charge!

Dr. Gregory Casey

Newport Kite Festival